How it started

I started this shop in an effort to help pay for college. It was actually never a plan of mine to continue this after I graduated but I found that I truly had a love for this business and an even greater love of providing a quality product to customers.In the past five years that I have been doing this I have visited more states than I thought I ever would, I've learned more than I ever thought possible about anything and everything, and I have gained many personal relationships with my customers that I attempt to maintain.

Many of my customers are surprised to find that I check in with my products to make sure that they are holding up to their expectations. I do this because I care about what I sell and who I am selling to. I take pride in my products and want to make sure my customers are taken care of. That is why my shops goal is always to find or make the best products possible at a reasonable price for my customers.

Finally, I am have a lot of people ask me what FILCA stands for. Its Friendship, Imagination, Love, Calluses and Adventure. When I was attempting to figure out what my shops name should be I decided to try to make it revolve around the reasons why it is that I want to do this and these five words were what I felt encompassed the reason I continue to do this.

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